In May 2009 MotherstoMothers went to Ethiopia where we visited nine different villages to listen to mothers and understand their needs.

In Amacho Wato Kebele, a very poor village, many mothers had no choice but to have their babies with them as they made pottery in their homes to sell at the market for .20 cents to survive. Their children were exposed to so much dust that many of them had severe bronchial illness. Most also had bacterial conjunctivitis so bad that many babies simply had their eyes shut and many of the children had signs of severe malnutrition. Young girls who had to watch babies did not go to school.

It became apparent in Amacho Wato Kebele, that a Day Care Center and Learning Center would be the answer to many of the problems mothers and their children faced.

We partnered with the mothers from day one and sent four mothers to Care Giving School, four women to Addis Ababa for state of the art pre-school training. Thirty mothers and men from the village built two beautiful buildings (designed by one of our board member Pryor Callaway and myself) using only local material and local labor.

In March 2011 we opened the doors to the Day Care and Learning Center built by the men and women of Amacho Wato Kebele. Click to see

The result is:

The fact that the village built the Day Care and Learning Center, manage every aspect of both from hiring to staff management to teaching and Care Giving , to payroll and maintenance shows that mother with a little support can change their own destiny!

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