Pamela Parlapiano Founder and Director MotherstoMothers

"Pamela's vision and passion has changed lives. Her work with MotherstoMothers has demonstrated that when you approach people as partners and empower them with the skills and resources to improve their own lives, it can create significant change. Her work is about empowerment and she accomplishes that work by recognizing the talent and intelligence that mothers have to offer. Working with Pamela has been a gift and an inspiration." - Sheila O'Connor

"You ARE a change maker, Pamela! While so many people dream of what they might do if they had the money, time, health/energy, permission, or power, you just DO it. Rather than wait for the powers or groups that "should" be helping, you make the changes in the world that inspire the people you serve to make the changes along with you. And you inspire countless people, including me, to see that one human being can make an incredible difference. Your adult life is woven with transformations of human lives to right injustices, always from a place of deep compassion, connection, and respect. Your fierce actions, catapulting over what most see as impassable obstacles, show the people you serve that they are worthwhile, worth saving, and that they can learn how to drive their own improvements in community, construction, health, and business. Every struggling village or neighborhood needs a Pamela Parlapiano to show them how to alter their community destiny, by the sheer audacity of creating a daycare center in an empty field, and creating better lives for themselves, their children, and their communities. I am so fortunate to have seen you in action in Ethiopia, where Amacho Wato has been transformed by you bringing the women together. Your solutions are radical, revolutionary, but utterly possible and efficient, teaching the village to sustain itself." - Nichole Peterson


Desta Solomon MotherstoMothers Country Representative,
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Mrs. Solomon is a citizen of Ethiopia and has worked tirelessly for the rights of women in Africa as a social development specialist. Currently with the World Bank she monitors that development benefits the poor and does not take place at their cost. She makes sure people are consulted about decisions that affect their lives and provided with choices and adequately compensated for their losses due to development. She travels throughout Ethiopia watching over enterprises and women's' entrepreneurship.

Desta has worked as a freelance consultant for Women Entrepreneurs in Ethiopia SIDA, CAWEE, and Centre for African Women Economic Empowerment, and CRDA Training on Gender MainstreamingSave the Children UK, based in Addis Ababa. She helped define the women's advocacy agenda for ACORD and developed clear advocacy strategy that integrated the pan-African national with regional. Her commitment to women moving forward in Africa's agenda is tireless.


Pryor Callaway Board Member MotherstoMothers
New York, New York

Pryor Callaway is an artist and designer that began creating at an early age inspired her mother, an elementary art teacher. Following in her mother's footsteps, she realized her passion, as well as her desire to give back her talent. She joined the board of MothersToMothers upon its founding and has used her creative talents to help design and build the Daycare and Learning Center in Ethiopia, realizing that creating beautiful spaces was the first step to telling people who were living anonymously that they mattered.

Pryor works actively in architecture and furniture design in New York City as well as creating art installations for such recent exhibitions as Art Basel Miami Beach and Artists Takes Time Square. Her work has been published in contemporary art books as well as in print for design magazines such as Interni, New York Magazine, and Interior Design Magazine.


Nicole Peterson, Board Member

Nichole Peterson's mother was also her Girl Scout Leader, and instilled in her the promise to "always leave the world a better place than you found it." For the first 17 years of her career, Nichole was a leader in the global digital marketing revolution at Microsoft. In 2012, she joined Neighborhood House, a 106-year-old multi-service agency dedicated to assisting immigrants and alleviating poverty in Seattle. A passionate fundraiser and advocate for the work of MotherstoMothers, she worked in Amacho Wato, Ethiopia to create the travelers market, which will eventually sustain the daycare center and school. A mother of two young children, she believes that motherhood is best experienced as a shared connection of boundless love and action for the world's children. Nichole recently moved to Denmark the "Capital of Children".


Sheila O'Connor Board Member MotherstoMothers
New York, New York

Sheila O'Connor has been in the field of non-profit management and development for over twenty years working with both small and large organizations. She currently works for EarthShare, a national environmental organization, managing their New York City fundraising campaigns.

Sheila has successfully recruited funders in the areas of corporate and foundation development, individual giving, board development, major gifts and special events. Sheila has presented at conferences and seminars including the Association of Fundraising Professionals, United Way of America's Community Leaders Conference, and the Direct Marketing Fundraising Association. She is an active member of Women in Development, serving on the Sponsorship Committee Organizational Management and an MBA from St. Joseph's College. She currently serves as an Instructor for the St. Joseph's College School of Professional and Graduate Studies in Marketing and Public Relations.


Bob Gourley, Web developer

Bob Gourley is a freelance web developer, designer and journalist based in Jersey City, NJ. An early adopter of online media, Bob founded the pioneering online music magazine Chaos Control in 1993. This led to work on a variety of websites and other interactive projects over the years. He currently leads web development for such organizations as The American Nurse Project, 100 People Foundation, and Americas Quarterly magazine. Bob strives to find ways to utilize his skills to help others, and feeling strongly about MotherstoMothers worked with Pamela Parlapiano to create the website.

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